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Reusable and adaptable walls for exhibitions

Wien Museum MUSA: 2000s. Bye-bye Confidence
Austria, Vienna (2023)

    • Wall type
      • free-standing
    • Variety of layouts
      • with built-in casters
    • Construction
      • clamshell

In the early 1950s, the City of Vienna's Department of Cultural Affairs began to promote the work of Viennese artists through acquisitions. Since the 1990s, works from this constantly growing municipal collection of contemporary art have been repeatedly exhibited at various locations under the title "Museum auf Abruf (MUSA, Museum on Demand)".

After years of exhibitions in various locations, the MUSA was opened in 2007 at its current location next to Vienna City Hall. The museum was equipped with movable exhibition walls by kub2 so that the exhibition architecture could be flexibly redesigned again and again.

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